Ecplises, Merc Retro, Fall Equinox Energy Report by Tiffany Stiles SLC – Metaphysically Speaking~

Dear Beautiful Souls! MERCURY RETROGRADE – SEPTEMBER ECLIPSE ENERGY WAVES – AUTUM EQUINOX by Tiffany Stiles SLC We’re now entering into the powerful Eclipse Season that includes Mercury turning retrograde in Virgo, Jupiter moving to Libra, a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st and Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16th. Starting this Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde from…


Lion’s Gateway- New Moon In Leo- CME Solar Blast-Eclipses – The Total Forecast by Tiffany Stiles – Metaphysically Speaking~


For the past three mornings in a row I have been awakened at precisely predawn, just in time to see Orion’s Belt directly facing me proceeded by the sunrise with the blue star Sirius its conjunct. This giving rising significance to the Lion’s Gate Portal opening on 8-8 linking matter & anti-matter. The physical with…



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